Trends in Search Engine Optimization

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What’s new in SEO?

Everybody knows that technology is always changing and it is constantly moving forward. Following the trends of this movement is vital for webmasters to keep their sites high on search engine rankings. We live in a competitive world and almost all the website owners in the world follow SEO strategies to survive in the competition. This article will let you know about the latest trends in search engine optimization. You can follow them and increase the website ranking of your website in the search engines with less hassle.

Speed Kills it!!

With the development of technology, Internet speed is increasing at a rapid pace. The fiber optics and satellite technology will provide faster Internet access to the people than the traditional DSL speeds. Speed can be considered as a key trend in SEO for the upcoming year. Leading search engines like Google are making plans to enter the fiber optics market. These plans have the potential to create a huge impact on the website owners. The speed that your site loads will become a big issue in the upcoming years. Therefore you need to redesign your website according to the SEO trends. You should remove all the flashy content from your website and present the things in a simple, but interesting way. Website owners should think about the server load as well. They have to select a good server to host the website and stay away from the hassle.

Get Mobile!

Mobile internet is another SEO trend that can be seen in this present world. The number of smartphones and tablet computers today is rising significantly and people tend to use them to browse internet because of their convenience. From reserch, it has been identified that 15 percent of the Internet users in the present world use their mobile devices to browse the internet and this number will rise with time. Therefore all the website owners need to optimize their website to mobile devices. Smartphones keep the people connected at all times. This means website owners have to use mobile friendly SEO methods and apps to optimize their website. Local searches will see a surge as well since people can find out all about the location or reviews of a business on their phone before visiting. Check out the article on smartphones here.


In 2006, Google purchased YouTube and it has become the second largest search engine in the present world. Many people do not know about this and they do not tend to go for site engine optimization on YouTube. You can simply create a video and upload it on YouTube free of charge. The video should contain necessary keywords related to your product or service and it should have an eye catching title. If your video is an interesting one, viewers will tend to click on the link on the description and visit your website to explore the content. The effectiveness of these SEO trends are proven and any website owners can use them without thinking twice to become successful website owners.