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Easy SEO Tips

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Easy SEO Tips:

Everyone wants site engine optimization the easy way.  The truth is, SEO is really not difficult.  We need to go back to a basic understanding that  search engines are designed to give the user just what they are looking for in the search.

Easy SEO Tips:  So you must begin with keyword research.  Use the Google keyword research tool to research the keyword/s you plan to rank for. You’ll want to choose keywords with low competition, but good search volume.  Check out the Keyword post for more info.  There are also plenty of tools out there for this. Just Google it.

Easy SEO Tips

Easy SEO Tips

Easy SEO tips: Obviously, key to high rankings in any search engine is quality content that people are searching for.  Although you must have an eye on the Google algorithms in order to rank, your main purpose is always to create useful content that real people want to read.  That is the most critical part of staying ranked. Having great content for your readers will  lead to other high authority sites linking to you.  Those back links also improve your ranking.

More Easy SEO Tips

Another key tip is simple, use a plugin such as All In One SEO Pack or SEO Jacking. This will help you take care of the on page SEO for your post without a lot of fuss.  As you write your post, you can easily see which of the important SEO must do’s you have covered.  SEO Jacking has a checklist approach that is so simple to use.

Easy SEO Tips: Next, you’ll want the Google bots and other search engine bots to find your post to rank it. I suggest you install the XML -Sitemap Plugin.  This plugin creates a map of your website that will make it easy for the robots to read your site’s meta data and index it in the search engines.

Easy SEO tips: Here is a tip you might find surprising. Improve your sites load speed time.   The plugin to add for this is the W3 Total Cache Plugin.  This will speed up your site’s load time. Slow loading can effect the ranking of a post.

You’ll also want to ping your url at Pingler. Watch the video for more info:

Well that’s it for easy SEO Tips. Please show us some social love below and check out the Einstein pics. Click the one you like and it will post it to Facebook.  Cool new way to express yourself!!  Comment on your easy SEO tips, too.

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