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Google Authorship: What’s going on here?

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Google Authorship: What’s going on here?

Watch this video for some beginning info about Google Authorship :


For more official Google Authorship information, Watch this:


The horse’s mouth:

Google Authorship

Here is an excellent article about Google Authorship:

Check out:

As things continue to change in the Google Authorship world, we’ll try to bring you the latest.

Here is another cool website.

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Fresh Insights in Search Engine Optimizing

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Fresh Insights in Search Engine optimizing

Fresh Insights in Search Engine Optimizing:

Have you seen Matt Cutts latest videos?  Check them out here:

What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry?


More Fresh Insights in Search Engine Optimizing:

Will Google be evaluating the use of rel=”author” moving forward?

Fresh Insights in Search Engine Optimizing:

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We hope this information has given you fresh insights into SEO.

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Emotional Seo

The New Trend: Emotional SEO

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What is Emotional SEO?

As long as Google is the leader, SEO will always be important. SEO is not dead (FAR from it…) it’s just… different.    Since Facebook, Google has turned “human”. It’s not about the numbers, but about the people (hence their user experience obsession)… and little by little we’re straying away from the common stat… to what the person FEELS when they are on the internet. Google looked at traditional factors before but now with the emergence of more social media: Facebook Likes, Tweets and Pinterest Pins are becoming important additions to the Google SEO landscape. 

Using Emotional SEO:

Big SEO authorities all over are coming up with numerous strategies to be able to “relate” more to users than ever. Because users are now blind to our tactics. And if  we are going to thrive,  we must  adapt, and it’s never been easier.  The new trend is to use a plug in called Love Claw. Here is a video that explains it well:

This is a must have now. We can’t move forward without understanding our customers and learning how to respond to them and encourage them to want to be part of your online business…

The #1 Secret to  Success  is this:
People Make Decisions Based On Emotions. We need to have feedback on what our website visitors feel in order to respond effectively.

Emotional SEO

How No Spin Internet Marketing uses emotional SEO:

When a user reads our content, they’ll click whichever one of our customized, emotionally charged Albert Einstien buttons that most accurately fits with how they feel

  • This also encourages and empowers users with a strong call-to-action to share their reactions on Facebook with their friends as the next natural step by resonating with their emotions, unlike traditional share buttons…
  • This means you will share our content more often – This is something mainstream buttons still aren’t offer…
  • Because the Albert Einstien picture buttons  SHARES your content to your Facebook Wall for all your friends to see, as a highly visual thumbnail, this results in more exposure, more conversation, and much better ranking signals.

So you see, using the buttons will help this website in the rankings. This is really cool because you as the website visitor get even more input into your user experience. 

Please select a button at the bottom of this post that best expresses your emotion about the post and this will share it with your facebook friends. Comment if you want to express yourself to  us personally. If you like the post, please browse through the other posts and share those you like best. 

This way you will participate in emotional SEO!

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Masters of Marketing

Masters of Marketing Series: Quick Take-Aways about Mary Kay

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Masters of Marketing: Quick Take Aways about Mary Kay:

Masters of Marketing

According to Mary Kay Cosmetics website:

When facing new and daunting tasks, her mother encouraged her with, “You can do it, Mary Kay. You can do it.” Mary Kay Ash did more than embrace this empowering spirit – she passed it on through a remarkable company that would inspire millions of women for generations to come.

Quick take away # 1  : Masters of  Marketing believe they can do it!

Mary Kay Ash enlisted the help of her 20-year-old son, Richard, and created Beauty by Mary Kay. It was a first – a company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women. It was founded, not on the competitive rule, but on the Golden Rule on praising people to success and on the principle of placing God first, family second and career third. It was a company – as Mary Kay Ash often said – “with heart.”

Quick take away # 2  : Masters of Marketing help others succeed!

Today her vision, her courage and her unwavering spirit continue to bring women the opportunity to achieve their potential and bring their dreams to life.

Quick take away # 3  : Masters of Marketing have a vision!

Check out another Master of Marketing here!

Until tomorrow, Go Master the Market!!!

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3 Ways Smartphones Impact 2013 trends

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Smartphone Impact:

Wow! Look at those smartphones with bendable screens. These are projected to be out in 2013.  Smartphones are taking the world by storm. According to a really cool  Infographic by- Web Design Company   62% of people between the ages of 25-34 have a smartphone.

How will this smartphone trend influence internet marketing?

1. Visual content will become critical in order to capture attention and influence consumers.  There will be an even greater need for interactive visual content, such as infographics and video.

2. Websites will incorporateresponsive web design (This website’s theme is designed that way.  If you use a smartphone to access it, it will change to fit the smartphone screen. If a phablet is used it will change for that device, etc.) Just take a look at a web design site for more specific info.

3. E-mail marketing will continue to be a favored marketing choice. It seems a given that consumers will check their e-mails more often with smartphones at their fingertips.



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Hi!!  Why freedom.  Well this is my website!! I bought the domain and the hosting and installed wordpress myself. This means no one is telling me what to write or looking over my shoulder to direct my next move. This equals freedom in my book.


Speak the Truth!!

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