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THE One Tool Every Marketer Must Have in their Toolkit

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THE One Tool Every Marketer Must Have in their Toolkit

If you are reading this,  chances are that you aren’t a designer.

You probably don’t code websites for fun.

The reality is that you are a marketer/entrepreneur.

You just want results.

The money.

And that’s probably WHY the money has been so hard to come by lately… am I right?

Here’s what I mean:

In order to be successful online you need a sales funnel:

• an opt-in form
• a sales page
• an OTO page
• etc.

But actually trying to BUILD a sales funnel like that (one that actually converts…) is a real pain .

There’s the coding, the design, the integrations , the conversion rate optimization, the split testing, the buy button set up etc., etc., etc.

Unless you enjoy torturing yourself, chances are your current sales funnel (if you have one) isn’t doing what you would HOPE it should be doing (which is making you sales on a consistent basis).

And that’s a problem…

Well, today you are in LUCK because one of the most popular, well respected, and easiest to use page builder plugins is opening its doors again for the first time in 2 years!

Check it out here

How To “Drag & Drop” Your Way To Success

Imagine being able to literally CLICK & DRAG your way to a robust, high converting sales funnel… all from the comfort of your very own WordPress blog.

That’s right, if you can click around on a screen… you can now design cash pulling sales funnels one page at a time.

But don’t take my word for it, just check out some of the things customers of the plugin are saying:

Hear their stories here

If you’ve ever wondered how to build sales funnels that make you sales day in and day out… this is how.

What’s cheaper?

$19.95/month for 2 years…


$77 once?

(HINT: It’s the second one…)

Now, what if you were getting FEWER features from the $19.95/month service than the one time $77 payment?

Sounds awesome, right?


And yet, this is the EXACT scheme that most “point & click” page building companies are running.

They want you to pay a monthly fee for “hosting” while constantly asking you to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade just to get ANY of the features and functions that you REALLY need to build robust and high converting sales pages.

It’s crazy town.

And that’s why I am sending you this email today.

Because I just found out that you can get EVERYTHING that those monthly subscription services offer in a robust sales funnel page builder…

• scarcity timers
• mobile responsive design
• double (and even triple) opt-ins
• AR integration
• expensive looking design
• CVO elements built right into their structure
• and much, much more..

For just $77.

Don’t believe me? Check it out here

Over 6000+ other marketers have already made the switch (because it’s a dang good deal) and already those marketers have generated THOUSANDS of dollars per day in revenues because they switched to a more affordable, more robust drag and drop visual page editor.

No, you aren’t dreaming, and yes, this email is 100% legit.

Check it out for yourself

Grab this deal before time runs out. The last time InstaBuilder was open to the public they had to close it down after just 7 days because they got SO MANY ORDERS.

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Using Pinterest For Your Business

Posted on 14. Feb, 2017 by .

Pinterest Perfection

Pinterest Perfection

Using Pinterest For Your Business

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can categorize the kinds of pin boards that you create based on your interests. You can also make use of its “Bookmarklet” application which allows you to directly pin an image or video that you find on the internet and it will be exported to your Pinterest pin board. Although Pinterest was initially used for personal purposes, it has been found to be an efficient way to attract potential customers and may even help increase the Google ranking of a business. Thus, if you have a home business website and you want to gain more followings, Pinterest is definitely one of the creative ways that you can drive more people and generate traffic to your business site.

Pinterest And Internet Business Marketing

There are several aspects that make Pinterest relevant to your Internet marketing endeavors. When you are marketing your business, you want to be known under a certain type of brand. With Pinterest, you can create your very own branding and secure a reputation in your social profile based on the type of content that you choose to “pin” in your board. Your business will gain faster recognition if they can associate you with images that reflect your business and your brand.  Another aspect that makes Pinterest a good business marketing tool would be its link building features. When you “pin” and “repin” an image or a video, it creates a link which will direct your visitors to the original source. You can use this feature by pinning images from your own business site. This way, every interested user will be directed to your website once they click on your pin board. At the same time, when a person “repins” your images, it can be considered as a form of social referral. In today’s society where social media dictates a person’s decision to purchase a product or avail of a service, being socially endorsed by your contacts increases your chances of gaining new potential clients. All of these actions can create a cycle which in turn can help increase your website’s traffic. This can potentially increase your Google search rankings as well. Just think of how all of these procedures can improve the visibility of your company.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest can be quite addictive because it’s too convenient to “pin” and “repin” images and share them with your contacts. However, since you are maintaining your profile for your business site, make sure that whatever you post on your pin board is actually relevant and reflects your business. You can optimize the use of your Pinterest by treating it as yet another business profile in social media.  Make sure to use a professional profile image and provide a short introduction about you and your business. Provide information on your Pinterest profile by talking about your business site, what products and services you offer as well as the kind of pin boards that your contacts can expect from you. Don’t forget to include a link to your Facebook business page and business website. If you have received awards or additional credentials, mention them in your account information as well.

Invest The Time To Build Your Network

Networking in social media sites requires time. You can’t create a profile, leave it as it is and expect to drive thousands of visitors to your website the next day. You need to set-up a professional-looking Pinterest profile and be consistent in providing relevant content every day. Know which users are good influencers in Pinterest and see which of your pins might be interesting to them. This will help you capture more attention. At the same time, make sure that your “pins” have quality and value in them.
See to it that your posts are relevant to your target market and don’t pin images just because you want to sell your business. People go to social networking sites to interact virtually so they want to see something that is of great value to them.  Find out about Jaaxy here.

Download the rest of this Pinterest Perfection e-book here for FREE!

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Have you seen Jaaxy?!!

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Have you heard about Jaaxy?!!!

What’s Jaaxy?  It’s the best Keyword tool I have found bar none!!  Try it for yourself!! I have added a plugin of it here.  Just add a keyword, click the button and you will go to their site. Sign up for a free trial account and “wallah” you have an awesome keyword tool at your disposal!!  Go ahead.  You must try it!!

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Rags to Riches

Rags to Riches Story

Posted on 14. Jan, 2017 by .


I’ve found you a nice Rags to Riches video I think you’ll like. Check out the video below:


Learn More Here

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Social Media Tips

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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Okay, so everyone is an “expert” when it comes to social media today.  Why not throw No Spin IM’s  two cents in??  Okay we will.

Social Media Tips – Tip #1   –  Images

Social Media Tips

Everybody knows a picture is worth a thousand words, so use them.  People love visual stimuli (males especially) so include it every-time in tweets and postings on Facebook, etc.  Here is some great info about that. I’ve also heard that around 90% of information our brains receive is visual.


Social Media Tips – Tip #2   –  Engage

Social Media Tips

Engage your audience. Build a relationship.  You want people to be comfortable with your message and relate to it.  Conversation is a two way street, so interact with your followers.


Social Media Tips – Tip #3   –  Be Timely

Social Media Tips

Have an awareness of when your audience is most active on the social media outlets.  Time posts and tweets for maximum exposure to those who care about the information you share.

Social Media Tips – Tip #4   Work Smarter, Not Harder


Social Media Tips

Another of our social media tips is to use the tools that are available. and Hootsuite are some to explore.  This will help with our 3rd tip as well.  Outsourcing this is simple using Odesk .  You can use Stumbleupon to find good content to post and queue them up to post consistently to build a following.


Video please?? Yes, you know we always find a video to include.

Here is an depth one, (if you have the time)

No time?

Okay, try this one for quick tips:

Want more?  Check this out from Buzzfeed:

21 Social Media Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Like us and tweet us if you wish.

We hope you like our Social Media tips and apply them for your business.


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Top Photoshop Tutorials: Photoshop Masterclass a must have for graphic design

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Top Photoshop Tutorials: Photoshop Masterclass a must have for graphic design

Here is a video I made for you:

Go check Photoshop Masterclass out here!

After you buy this awesome tutorial, just email a copy of your receipt to and I’ll send you a bonus e-book about creating videos!!

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How to Improve Your Site’s Search Ranking Using SEO

How to Improve Your Site’s Search Ranking Using SEO

Posted on 19. May, 2013 by .


How to Improve Your Site’s Search Ranking Using SEO:

Let’s hear it from Matt Cutts himself:


Here is a much shorter video with some specifics for the next few months:

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Emotional Seo

How to Block Spam Robots

Posted on 22. Apr, 2013 by .


How to Block Spam Robots:

Once you have a self hosted wordpress website up and running, you will soon be faced with a problem. There are hundreds of comments and trackbacks added to you site every day.  Many of these comments don’t make sense or are in a foreign language.  They are often full of spammy links and you notice a repetitive pattern of the same comments seemingly from different places.  This is common and many struggle with just how to deal with this dilemma.  You see, spam robots are posting comments on your blog. 

How to deal with this problem is a common question from our readers.  This post was written to help find the solution that allows your readers to comment without making it difficult for them, while at the same time blocking the robots from posting spam on your site. 

Most bloggers deal with this by either forcing users to subscribe or by adding a captcha.  Captchas are made to distinguish between humans and robots by requiring a character recognition task that hopefully only humans can  complete.  The problem with captchas is that people don’t want to complete tasks to comment.  It is just as much a deterient to human comments as to robots, because humans don’t want to do it.  

 So how do we block spam robots?

The best we have found is the WordPress Plugin BotBlocker.  This plugin is super easy to install. It is unobtrusive and keeps the bots at bay.  If you wish to install it on your site simply download it from here.  Upload it and activate it. 

The Honeypot used to block spam robots has options as below:

Block Spam Robots



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How to Optimize your images for SEO

How to Optimize Your Images for SEO

Posted on 01. Apr, 2013 by .

SEO No Spin IM

N0-Spin-IM Logo

SEO Friendly?

Creating SEO friendly images is easy to do, yet many website owners overlook this valuable source of search engine traffic. To make it even more simple, WordPress has some great tools built in to help you optimize your images, and you can use the All-in-One SEO Pack to maximize your optimization.

The most important thing to know is that while people can see your images, search engines can’t . They can only read the words in the tags and titles you give your images. Therefore, these are the areas you want to give attention to when adding images to your WordPress site.

Two SEO points to keep in mind:

  •  All images should have ALT and TITLE attributes defined. This is the image equivalent of the doc title or metadescription for the page.
  •  Image filenames should have a relevant name, ideally with a keyword in it. For example, an image file of “logo.jpg” might make sense to you, the website owner, but it won’t mean anything at all to a search engine. “SemperPluginsWordPressPlugins.png” is a much more descriptive, and relevant, filename.

Next time you add an image to a WordPress page or post, remember to give the image file a relevant name and fill in the spaces provided for ALT and TITLE tags. Depending on how many images you have on your site, you may want to go back and at least complete the ALT and TITLE tags.

ALL in One SEO Pack-Pro Version

And if you really want to go all out with your search engine optimization, the All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress is the #1 most downloaded WordPress plugin. It is installed on this website. You can also upgrade to All in One SEO Pack – Pro Version and receive access to personal support, advanced updates, and no advertisements.  All in One SEO Pack Pro gives you complete control over exactly what appears in the search engine results. It is easy to use right out of the box, so you can start improving your search engine results right away!

All in One SEO Pack Pro includes:

  • Unlimited downloads and use of the plugin on as many WordPress sites as you want
  • All upgrades to All in One SEO Pack Pro for as long as you maintain your subscription
  • Professional support from the developers of All in One SEO Pack


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How to Create Your Own Website Step by Step

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Create your own website step by step

Create your own website step by step

How to Create Your Own Website: Step by Step

How to create your own website – Step 1: What’s the subject??

Okay everyone new to marketing wants to know the best way to do this.  Probably the first step would be to determine the subject of the site and who it will serve. After you decide this you should know which niche your site fits into.  If you intend to make money from it (hence internet marketing) You’ll need to research the demand  for the site and the competition.  You’ll also want to do some keyword research to improve the likelihood that Google will give you a spot on the first page for your chosen keyword/s.

How to create your own website – Step 2: Name it

Once these decisions are made, you’ll want to look at buying a domain name. It’s the URL (this site’s url is  You can buy domains for a reasonable price at Cost is around $11.00 a year.  There are other places to buy them but this is very reasonably priced. The .net and other types of domains are very cheap but my advice is to choose a .com domain name as it lends more credibility to your website.

How to create your  own website – Step 3: Buy hosting

Okay now you have bought your domain. you need a place to host it. The best way to explain it is the domain is like renting a spot. The hosting stores your sites info  so when people type in your domain name the files appear. I use hostgator as my host because it’s reasonably priced. You can buy hosting for one site (Hatchling plan) or with the baby plan you can have hosting for more than one if you think you might want to create more later. They also have a business plan that has unlimited domains.  You’d probably want the baby plan if you think you might create more sites.

How to create your  own website – Step 4: Install WordPress

My advice is that you install wordpresses free software. It literally only takes 5 minutes to upload.  There are over 24,000 free plugins that should meet you needs. the website is  Go here and read more about the software.

How to create your  own website – Step 5: Install a theme

WordPress has a theme already on it.  The problem is, in my opinion, it’s pretty boring. You can get free one but I recommend using one from  They are very professional looking.  This site has a WooTheme installed. You can look at another option here.

Well, thats it in a nutshell.  Pretty good Huh? Your own website for under $100.00 to start ( If you bought a WooTheme for @ $70.00)  If not, it was less than$30.00.  Bear in mind you will probably be paying @ $10.00 a month for hosting. So your own website for say $220 for the first year and only @$140 each year after.

If you want something more detailed to “hold your hand and walk you through it” the first time creating your own site, I am considering creating a video showing the process to create your own website step by step for more clarity.



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