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You already know the “tried and true” routines for marketing online.

You know stuff like:

  1. Group coaching as opposed to one on one.
  2. Charge more for coaching – (@ 3 – 5 thousand)
  3. Automate your high value webinar content
  4. Use Facebook Ads for Lead getting
  5. Of course, send follow up emails and use retargeting.
  6. Provide tons of value
  7. Sell.
  8. Analyze
  9. Adjust
  10. Scale it Up.

…..Sound Familiar?


A good plan? Yes, but why do so many fail who did those things?

How come some people “hit it out of the park” every time they are up to bat,

While others strike out every time?


It just comes down to a few things:

  • Buying everything and doing nothing
  • Perfectionism – Never get finished with any of the details -obsessing – i.e. squeeze page isn’t quite right,
  • Short attention span
  • Lack of confidence


Listen, I’m Laurie from No Spin Internet Marketing, http://no-spin-im.com

I’m not hawking my latest product, or funnel or “the best thing you could ever buy… if you bought it within the next two seconds or it’s gone forever ( only to find it as an upsell in the membership area. tee hee hee!! Right?)

You see, I get it.

You don’t need another “this is the Marketing system you’ve been looking for” product.

Good thing I’m not selling one.

What I can give you is a “work smarter not harder”,easy,quick way to get attention and get paid…even if all you have is a Facebook account and a tiny bit of money for ads.


Also, because I know you’ve been burned plenty of times before, I also know the chance of you believing me is pretty slim.

So why don’t I just show you?

I’ve recorded a FREE video showing:

  •  my squeeze and thank you page
  •  How to target the best buyers
  • How to take $20 a day and make 1 Facebook Ad that get you attention.
  • How to set up your funnel
  • How to get your ad copy more appetizing
  • You’ll also get leads for cheap.
  • And scale it up from there
  • Plus more

I know you’ll be relieved to know…

I’m not going to bore you with who I am and drop names about who I know or who I’ve worked with. Who really cares about all that??

This isn’t about me…. It’s about YOU.


Check it out for yourself at http://no-spin-im.com

Just enter your name and e-mail, and then confirm the email cause I don’t send stuff you don’t like : )

After that, I’ll send you the free video right to your inbox.




The“Stop the madness please” “No Spin” Marketer

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