Social Media Tips

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Social Media Tips

Social Media Tips

Okay, so everyone is an “expert” when it comes to social media today.  Why not throw No Spin IM’s  two cents in??  Okay we will.

Social Media Tips – Tip #1   –  Images

Social Media Tips

Everybody knows a picture is worth a thousand words, so use them.  People love visual stimuli (males especially) so include it every-time in tweets and postings on Facebook, etc.  Here is some great info about that. I’ve also heard that around 90% of information our brains receive is visual.


Social Media Tips – Tip #2   –  Engage

Social Media Tips

Engage your audience. Build a relationship.  You want people to be comfortable with your message and relate to it.  Conversation is a two way street, so interact with your followers.


Social Media Tips – Tip #3   –  Be Timely

Social Media Tips

Have an awareness of when your audience is most active on the social media outlets.  Time posts and tweets for maximum exposure to those who care about the information you share.

Social Media Tips – Tip #4   Work Smarter, Not Harder


Social Media Tips

Another of our social media tips is to use the tools that are available. and Hootsuite are some to explore.  This will help with our 3rd tip as well.  Outsourcing this is simple using Odesk .  You can use Stumbleupon to find good content to post and queue them up to post consistently to build a following.


Video please?? Yes, you know we always find a video to include.

Here is an depth one, (if you have the time)

No time?

Okay, try this one for quick tips:

Want more?  Check this out from Buzzfeed:

21 Social Media Tips You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

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We hope you like our Social Media tips and apply them for your business.


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