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How to Block Spam Robots

Posted on 22. Apr, 2013 by in How to

How to Block Spam Robots:

Once you have a self hosted wordpress website up and running, you will soon be faced with a problem. There are hundreds of comments and trackbacks added to you site every day.  Many of these comments don’t make sense or are in a foreign language.  They are often full of spammy links and you notice a repetitive pattern of the same comments seemingly from different places.  This is common and many struggle with just how to deal with this dilemma.  You see, spam robots are posting comments on your blog. 

How to deal with this problem is a common question from our readers.  This post was written to help find the solution that allows your readers to comment without making it difficult for them, while at the same time blocking the robots from posting spam on your site. 

Most bloggers deal with this by either forcing users to subscribe or by adding a captcha.  Captchas are made to distinguish between humans and robots by requiring a character recognition task that hopefully only humans can  complete.  The problem with captchas is that people don’t want to complete tasks to comment.  It is just as much a deterient to human comments as to robots, because humans don’t want to do it.  

 So how do we block spam robots?

The best we have found is the WordPress Plugin BotBlocker.  This plugin is super easy to install. It is unobtrusive and keeps the bots at bay.  If you wish to install it on your site simply download it from here.  Upload it and activate it. 

The Honeypot used to block spam robots has options as below:

Block Spam Robots



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