How to Create Your Own Website Step by Step

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Create your own website step by step

Create your own website step by step

How to Create Your Own Website: Step by Step

How to create your own website – Step 1: What’s the subject??

Okay everyone new to marketing wants to know the best way to do this.  Probably the first step would be to determine the subject of the site and who it will serve. After you decide this you should know which niche your site fits into.  If you intend to make money from it (hence internet marketing) You’ll need to research the demand  for the site and the competition.  You’ll also want to do some keyword research to improve the likelihood that Google will give you a spot on the first page for your chosen keyword/s.

How to create your own website – Step 2: Name it

Once these decisions are made, you’ll want to look at buying a domain name. It’s the URL (this site’s url is  You can buy domains for a reasonable price at Cost is around $11.00 a year.  There are other places to buy them but this is very reasonably priced. The .net and other types of domains are very cheap but my advice is to choose a .com domain name as it lends more credibility to your website.

How to create your  own website – Step 3: Buy hosting

Okay now you have bought your domain. you need a place to host it. The best way to explain it is the domain is like renting a spot. The hosting stores your sites info  so when people type in your domain name the files appear. I use hostgator as my host because it’s reasonably priced. You can buy hosting for one site (Hatchling plan) or with the baby plan you can have hosting for more than one if you think you might want to create more later. They also have a business plan that has unlimited domains.  You’d probably want the baby plan if you think you might create more sites.

How to create your  own website – Step 4: Install WordPress

My advice is that you install wordpresses free software. It literally only takes 5 minutes to upload.  There are over 24,000 free plugins that should meet you needs. the website is  Go here and read more about the software.

How to create your  own website – Step 5: Install a theme

WordPress has a theme already on it.  The problem is, in my opinion, it’s pretty boring. You can get free one but I recommend using one from  They are very professional looking.  This site has a WooTheme installed. You can look at another option here.

Well, thats it in a nutshell.  Pretty good Huh? Your own website for under $100.00 to start ( If you bought a WooTheme for @ $70.00)  If not, it was less than$30.00.  Bear in mind you will probably be paying @ $10.00 a month for hosting. So your own website for say $220 for the first year and only @$140 each year after.

If you want something more detailed to “hold your hand and walk you through it” the first time creating your own site, I am considering creating a video showing the process to create your own website step by step for more clarity.



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