Masters of Marketing Series: Quick take-aways about AVON

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What’s a Quick Take-Away?


Let me explain.

This is the first in a series of Quick Take-aways

about companies or their founders who are Masters in Marketing.

A what?  A quick take-away. I’ll make a few points that will be brief ,

not much more than a text message in length.

So as not to bore you or take too much of your time.

These will be interesting little tidbits that give insight into

the history of a company and how the real masters of marketing succeed.

Quick Take-Aways about AVON:

Take-Away AVON

AVON Calling


Did you know that the founder of AVON, David H. McConnell was a travelling book salesman

who realized the women he tried to sell his books to were more interested in the free samples of

perfume he gave them than his books?

Take-Away #1 – Master Marketers are responsive.

According to AVON’s website

Empowerment and Social Networking … Long Before Facebook In 1886, direct selling at Avon represented a means for women to earn their own money at a time when not many women worked outside the home. It connected women, who were otherwise isolated and immersed in domestic life, in what the company calls “the original social network.”

Take-Away #2 – Master Marketers use networking.

“The relevance of direct selling has to do with what the consumer expects from service,” says Angie Rossi, Group Vice President, North America Sales. “There will always be a space for relationship-based service to the consumer.”

Take-Away #3 – Master Marketers are relevant.

That’s it for today.

Bookmark this site and I’ll see you tomorrow with more Quick Take-Aways.

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