How to do keyword research

How to do keyword research

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Keyword Research

Here is an excellent explanation in the video below:

Keyword Research:

I have found the Market Samurai keyword research software to be excellent!  It helps so much when doing the  research that is so very critical when setting up a website that is profitable. 

If you don’t have it, you can use your best keyword tools available. “What are they?”, you ask. Why you own brain and the Google Keyword Research Tool, to start.  You can also download  SEOquake.  

Keyword Research 

SEOquake is a program, which allows you to view a large number of Search Engine parameters very quickly. It only works with certain browsers so you’ll need to make sure your browser is compatible before downloading  it.  The most useful info gained is the page rank of your competition.   If you use the Google Keyword tool to determine a keyword with good search volume and low competition. You can then go to the Google Search page and put in your keyword. Looking at the 1st page of results you can tell if the competition is too much for you, or if you can rank there.

Keyword Research:

If you are interested in learning more about how this relates to SEO, checkout the post: Easy SEO Tips

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