3 Ways Smartphones Impact 2013 trends

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Smartphone Impact:

Wow! Look at those smartphones with bendable screens. These are projected to be out in 2013.  Smartphones are taking the world by storm. According to a really cool  Infographic by- GO-Gulf.com Web Design Company   62% of people between the ages of 25-34 have a smartphone.

How will this smartphone trend influence internet marketing?

1. Visual content will become critical in order to capture attention and influence consumers.  There will be an even greater need for interactive visual content, such as infographics and video.

2. Websites will incorporateresponsive web design (This website’s theme is designed that way.  If you use a smartphone to access it, it will change to fit the smartphone screen. If a phablet is used it will change for that device, etc.) Just take a look at a web design site for more specific info.

3. E-mail marketing will continue to be a favored marketing choice. It seems a given that consumers will check their e-mails more often with smartphones at their fingertips.



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